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Kushmart has and will always have medical grade cannabis that is tediously grown to perfection
If there is anything we can help you with, please call us with your questions or concerns. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help with any of your cannabis needs.
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We always have a blazing 60 strains on hand at all times. We take pride in that and it easily shows. Come find your favorite!

Not to brag but we grow the one and only actual “Snoop’s Private Reserve OG”. I can promise you, he stays between his Snoop’s and our Matt’s. Among our SIXTY stains, these two super-strains normally have little to no competition. What can we get you? More Info


Some patients require more of a direct form of medication. Our concentrates are from top quality flowers from quality growers

The amount of benefits that come with adopting a concentrate regiment far outweigh any known drug or plant used today in the medical industry. It’s multi-dose friendly and effective with bold uses. It’s safe to say that this plant was intended for our use. More Info


Some of life's treats are better than others, and who are we to limit you? Which is why we offer a large buffet of edible cannabis

Hungry? These guys are always a good source of relief when it comes to any medicinal use for medical cannabis. If you haven’t tried medicating with edible cannabis, then you haven’t fully experienced the benefits of the magical flower we call marijuana. More Info


From roots to releif, Kushmart has the medical cannabis babies you need to get your grow going at home or bigger

Everyone decides to get a green thumb now and then. When you do, we are here to supply patients with the necessary resources to do so. If you need tips and hints to producing top-shelf bud, we have it all, guaranteed. Check out our selection of clones for your grow!More Info

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Our job is to accommodate your weekly need for safe-access and quality medication, without breaking the bank.